Friday, 21 August 2009

I am back...............

Well when you look at the archives its been nearly 9 month's since my last confession, lol.

So i am having a little overhaul and a get to know you blog session (i will figure out how to use this blog.....) and i will be off.

Here are a few things i have been doing lately. First off i have joined the stress free scrapbooking class called go to press by Shimelle over on two peas.

I am really enjoying it but already not keeping up.

And that's all for today folks


1 comment:

SarahLP said...

Hello, just found you from Shimelle's LSNED class forum.

I hope the Stress Free Scrapbooking stays stress free, despite not keeping up!

I have a terrible record for keeping up with Shimelle's classes, but hey, Learn Something New WILL be different.. ;o)

SarahLP (UKS and Shimelle's forum)