Friday, 5 August 2011

Creative colour workshop.

I have recently signed up for the new class by Christie Tomlinson: Creative colour. Its all about sourcing colour inspiration from your surrounds, internet, magazines etc and creating mood boards. Its designed to get you to think about colours you wouldnt neccesarily choose.

So i had a play day with my daughter's Sarah and Sarah (Confused!!!!, one is my own and one is adopted, lol). My adopted sarah is severly autistic but just loves to do arts and crafts. We had such a great time, and L Sarah sat for over 3 hours before she lost her focus.

Here are some pics of the preparation and making the backgrounds.

Even my 9 month old grandaughter got in on the act.

and the finished product. Mine is the green/ mustard one, Big Sarah's is the larger yellow one, its for Rebecca's room and the blue/ pink one is L sarah's.

Isnt this outstanding for a very autistic young lady. All her own work except the rub ons which i did for her.

Cant wait for more classes.